Certificate Programs

The one-year certificate program affords students the opportunity of crafting a customized, focused curriculum that centers around studio instruction instrument/area of study, supplemented by elective offerings that complement the studio experience and align with the student’s professional, artistic and/or academic objectives.

This program is designed at the graduate level, so requires an undergraduate diploma or bachelor’s degree or their equivalent. In addition, applicants must meet or exceed the graduate minimum for TOEFL or its equivalent.

Students are required to present a final project, the nature and scope of which will be determined between the student and studio instructor. A performance is not required, but students who choose this as their final project may opt for a half-recital. The final project will be evaluated by the studio instructor and - if appropriate - by other faculty members, as determined by the department chair.

Studio instruction is required of all graduate certificate students; in addition, all orchestral instrumentalists are required to register for large ensemble each semester.

NEC’s School of Continuing Education also offers certificate programs - more information can be found here.