Composition Requirements

All composition applicants must submit a complete composition portfolio and accompanying recordings via the online application. Applicants for the DMA and Harvard/NEC programs may be invited for a virtual interview in February. Applicants to all other programs will be reviewed based on the portfolio only; an interview is not required.

Portfolio scores can be uploaded as PDF files and recordings may be uploaded in several file formats. Please refer to the recording guidelines section of our general audition requirements page for information about uploading your files.

Composition Portfolio Requirements

Submit three scores of original compositions. If available, please also include recordings (live or computer-generated) of the submitted compositions. Scores and recordings must be submitted through the online application. Applicants should also show proof of theoretical study through transcripts or other supporting documents.

DMA applicants should submit at least three scores and recordings of recent works. It is helpful if works are chosen to demonstrate a variety of ensembles and forms, including at least one larger work.


Applicants for DMA and Harvard/NEC may be invited for a virtual interview in February. The interview does not include a demonstration of instrumental or vocal proficiency.  You will be asked to prepare five minutes of your music, audio and score, to present to the faculty. The five minutes of music may be one or several excerpts.