Health Center Billing Policy

NEC students are required to present their insurance card at their first visit to the NEC Health and Counseling Services.  The cost of the visit and services provided will be billed to the insurance company. No out of pocket costs will be incurred by students or families as these costs will be covered by the annual health service fee. In instances where privacy is a concern, you may speak to the health care provider about NOT billing the insurance company.

You or your family may receive statements regarding the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) when your insurance company is billed. Please note that the EOB is NOT a bill, but an explanation of services billed to your insurance company. If your insurance company does not pay all or part of the charge, you are NOT responsible for the balance. NEC is committed to making sure that students have no out-of-pocket expenses that might prevent them from utilizing the Health and Counseling Services. The benefit of billing health insurance enables us to continue to offer high quality health care services to students on site.

NEC does NOT bill for visits to counseling services. Mental health visits will NOT be billed to your insurance company.