Graduating Student Checklist

Before You Leave

  • obtain prescription refills
  • know location of your insurance card (we can make copy if on NEC's plan)
  • request copy of your medical record or immunization record—for future requests, download form here.
  • call 617-585-1284 (or come by SB112) for any questions

Health Insurance after Graduation
If enrolled in NEC’s insurance plan:

  • coverage continues through August 24, 2018
  • referral not required to obtain care once you have graduated
  • questions about coverage can be directed to Gallagher
  • contact Stacey Jacobs for questions about insurance claims or medical bills: (800) 457-5599 x 6458 or

If enrolled under your parent’s insurance or in another plan:

  • check with the insurer for continuation of coverage
  • some plans end on day of, or 30 days following, graduation

If you will be a resident in Massachusetts:

If you will be living in United States:

  • and changing to a new insurance plan
    • read the fine print to understand all of the benefits & requirements—  co-pays, network providers, etc.
    • know when it becomes effective
  • know importance of insurance -- compare cost of premium to cost of care for injury or hospital stay
  • newly legislated Affordable Care Act (ACA)—dependent coverage (under parent’s insurance) until age 26

Local Resources after Graduation
NEC does not endorse or accept responsibility for the content or use of external websites.

  • Health Care Associates (HCA) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) 617-754-9600
  • Leah McKinnon-Howe, MS, ANP-BC, can be reached during the summer by calling and leaving a message at HCA
  • Fenway Community Health Care 617-367-0900
  • Massachusetts General Hospital MGH) Walk-in Clinic 617-726-2707