Newbury Trio: NEC Honors Ensemble:

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

Each year, an audition committee of professional musicians and faculty selects a few exceptional student ensembles to represent the NEC Honors Ensemble Program. The ensembles work with a faculty coach and are given an opportunity to perform a spring recital in NEC's Jordan Hall.

The members of the Newbury Trio, tonight's Honors Ensemble, are Charles Berofsky, piano; Helen Yu, violin; and Anthony Choi, cello.  Their coach is Kristopher Tong.


This is an in-person event with a public live stream. 

Watch Live from Jordan Hall

  • Charles Berofsky, piano
  • Helen Yu, violin
  • Anthony Choi, cello
  • Kristopher Tong, coach
  1. Ludwig van Beethoven | Piano Trio in E-flat Major, op. 70 no. 2

    Poco sostenuto – Allegro ma non troppo
    Allegretto ma non troppo
    Finale: Allegro

  2. Minoo Dixon '23 | TRiO #1 (2023)

    World premiere

    Program note

    TRiO #1 stands as a noteworthy accomplishment in my career as a composer, representing both my debut into the genre of Piano Trio but also my second finished work in the year of 2023. Throughout the composition process, I aimed to pay homage to the late composer David Maslanka, whose artistic influence upon me has been unquantifiable. I also made a conscious decision to embrace fluid melodic lines and expansive tonal landscapes during this composition process – a creative impulse that I have recently struggled with incorporating. However, despite this artistic direction, I remained steadfast in my commitment to absorbing aspects of the musical offerings of both the 20th and 21st centuries.               
    – Minoo Dixon (January 18th, 2023)


  4. Antonín Dvořák | Piano Trio in F Minor, op. 65

    Allegro ma non troppo
    Allegretto grazioso
    Poco adagio
    Finale: Allegro con brio


    Newbury Trio

    The Newbury Trio was founded at the New England Conservatory in Boston in August 2022. While each one of its members hails from a different location and background, they are fiercely connected through their like-minded musicality and intimately sensitive playing. Ever since their first reading session at the beginning of the school year, they were drawn to each other’s sound and rehearsal style, and they have loved working together ever since. 
            The trio comprises violinist Helen Yu from Hong Kong, cellist Anthony Choi from New York City, and pianist Charles Berofsky from Ann Arbor, Michigan. They have each attended various summer festivals in the United States and abroad and have won prizes in various competitions such as the New York International Piano Competition, Tokyo International Youth Music Competition, and YoungArts Presidential Scholars. The Newbury Trio is coached by Kristopher Tong and has played for Nicholas Kitchen, HaeSun Paik, Max Levinson, and Seth Knopp. In their spare time, they enjoy playing Overcooked, discussing the deepest of life’s philosophical questions, and eating tasty food together.